This page contains links to all of Eric Berne’s published books as well as to some of his journal articles. Clicking on each link will bring you to a page dedicated to that particular piece of work.  In addition, there are links to other publications  by other authors writing on the themes of Eric Berne and/or Transactional Analysis.

A Complete List of all the books of Dr. Eric Berne MD:

  1. Games People Play.  Published in 1964. Brought Games and Transactional Analysis to mainstream American and later the entire world.
  2. A Layman’s Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Published in 1957.  This is an update to Berne’s first book The Mind in Action.  This was released in the same year his classic paper on Transactional Analysis was published. Berne discusses psychiatry in this book and does not touch upon TA.
  3. Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy. Published in 1961.  This was Berne’s first book in which he introduced the concepts of Transactional Analysis and also Games.
  4. Structure and Dynamics of Organizations and Groups. Publishsed in 1963.  In this book Berne talks about the use of Transactional Analysis in group therapy.
  5. Principles of Group Treatment. Published in 1966.  This book came out after the enormous success of Games People Play. This book was not intended for laypeople but more for clinicians interested in the treatmetn of groups.
  6. The Happy Valley. Published in 1968. This is Berne’s only “unpsychiatric” book and is designed for children with rich, deep illustrations.
  7. Sex in Human Loving. Published in 1970. This is a compilation of his lectures on sex that Berne gave at the University of California at San Francisco in 1966.
  8. What Do You Say After You Say Hello?  Published in 1972.  This was the “sequel” to Games People Play.  It advances the theories set forth in Games People Play.
  9. Beyond Games and Scripts. Published posthumously in 1976. It is a compilation of Eric Berne’s major writings in both books and journal articles.
  10. Intuition and Ego States. Published posthumously in 1977. This is a compilation of Eric Berne’s earlier research published primarily in psychotherapy journals. It includes the classic 1958 paper “Transactional Analysis: A New and Effective Method of Group Therapy.”
  11. A Montreal Childhood. Published in 2010.  This is an autobiography of Eric Berne based on memoirs uncovered in Berne’s old study in Carmel in 2008.

Journal Articles of Dr. Eric Berne MD:

  1. Complete List of Journal Articles
  2. Eric Berne and his dentist article

Biographies of Dr. Eric Berne MD

  1. Eric Berne, Master Gamesman: This is the 1984 biography of Eric Berne written by Elizabeth and Henry Jorgensen.
  2. Key Figures in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Eric Berne – This biography was written by TA Psychoanalyst Ian Stewart in 1992. It focuses less on Berne’s personal life and more on the development of Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis Related Books

  • Dr. Claude Steiner, student and later colleague of Dr. Eric Berne, has written numerous books on TA, including Scripts People Live and Emotional Literacy. Please see this page for more information on Claude Steiner and his books.
  • I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas A. Harris MD.  Using Games People Play and Transactional Analysis as a model, Harris wrote this bestseller.
  • Muriel James, another TA Practitioner, wrote numerous books, including the bestseller Born to Win. Please see this page for more information on her books.
  • Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis is an exhaustive resource on Transactional Analysis published in 2010. It is in English and is organized in dictionary format.