Ericberne.com is the official website dedicated to preserving the legacy of the brilliant Eric Berne M.D.  It is owned, maintained, and updated by members of Eric Berne’s family.  Because it is maintained by the family and literary executors of Eric Berne’s estate, we can make the claim that this is the “official” site of Dr. Eric Berne and his bestseller Games People Play.

Ericberne.com was started in 1999 by me, Nicholas Berne Calcaterra, Eric’s only blood grandson.  The site started primarily with family photographs, most of which had never been seen before outside the family.  In 2004, the site was updated with significant new content, including new pictures, old articles, and objects from Eric Berne’s personal items retained by his family.  This new content allowed the site to be the premier destination on the internet for information related to Eric Berne.  In 2013 the site was moved to a new platform to facilitate greater ease of use and to accommodate mobile users.

Terry Berne and Nicholas Berne Calcaterra at Eric Berne Centenary Conference, Montreal 2010

Nicholas Berne Calcaterra (on left), Eric’s only blood grandson, and Terry Berne (on right), Eric’s youngest son at the Eric Berne Centenary Conference in Montreal, August 2010.

Transactional Analysis, as created by Dr. Eric Berne in the United States, remains as popular as ever, and is being used globally across all the continents.  Games People Play has been translated into nearly 20 languages and is even available as an “e-book.”  If Eric were here today to observe all this, his Parent, Adult, and Child would all be more excited than ever!

Games People Play book

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Aside from honoring the works of Dr. Eric Berne, this website was also built in honor of Eric’s eldest daughter Ellen Berne who passed away in 2000 at age 58. She passed away at an even younger age than her father. She is buried in Westport, CT near the home of her mother Ruth (Eric’s first wife – referred to as Elinor in the Jorgensen biography).

When not maintaining this site and working on other projects related to my grandfather, I practice dentistry in Orange, CT with an emphasis on IV sedation.

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