Structure and Dynamics of Organizations and Groups

Eric Berne Structure and Dynamics of Organizations and Groups

Dr. Berne published this book in 1963, after Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy but before the wildly successful Games People Play.  In the preface, Dr. Berne states his objective with this book as: “to offer a systematic framework for the therapy of ailing groups and organizations.” In this book, Berne discusses the structure and dynamics of groups, classification of groups, the analysis of transactions, an overview of games, group psychotherapy, and other subjects.

Berne does not treat games in great detail – that would come next year in Games People Play. This book is recommended for those interested in an introduction to the application of Transactional Analysis to groups. For a more detailed discussion, readers are recommended to consult Principles of Group Treatment.

This book is no longer in print in the United States. It is available used on Amazon.