Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis

Photo of book Clarke's Dictionary of Transactional AnalysisDr. Susan Legender Clarke published Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis in 2010 in CD format. It was then released in paperback form in 2012.  This extensive 550 page volume is a resource for all aspects of Dr. Eric Berne and Transactional Analysis.  The book is organized alphabetically in true dictionary format and has an extensive bibliography with all the appropriate citations.

A description from the back cover of the paperback states:

This one of a kind reference work has entries from the earliest days (when Dr. Berne held seminars in his home) through to the latest edition of the Transactional Analysis Journal.  Here you can find  précis of the ideas, thoughts, and writings of both the originators of this cutting-edge discipline, and the most recent practitioners.

The book can be purchased at Dr. Clarke’s personal site is The Healing Circle.

Dr. Clarke is an educational member of the ITAA.