Eric Berne – Master Gamesman

Biography of Eric Berne published in 1984 by Elizabeth Jorgensen and Henry Jorgensen

Biography of Eric Berne, 1984, by the Jorgensens

This biography of Eric Berne was published in 1984 and was written by Elizabeth Watkins Jorgensen and Henry Irvin Jorgensen.  They became interested in Transactional Analysis after participating in a TA Family Therapy group in Carmel, CA.

This book contains some details about Transactional Analysis but does not delve too deeply into the theory.  The biography focuses extensively on Berne’s family history and his personality using anecdotes and first hand accounts.  Accomplished TA Practitioners may feel the book is a “lightweight” but the intent is not to present a detailed history of Transactional Analysis. The Jorgensens spent hours interviewing family members such as Ruth Manning (Eric’s first wife), Dorothy Berne (Eric’s second wife), Ellen Berne (Eric’s eldest child), and many other people. It contains numerous photographs that were furnished to the Jorgensens from Berne Family members.

The book was probably best described by Dr. Stephen Karpman with this quote:

“A Marvelous peek into the life and mind of a great thinker who had permission to live his life his own way.”

And also a quote from his eldest daughter Ellen Berne:

“This book brings my father to life. It captures the spirit of the man. The many anecdotes reveal his complexity and his humanity.”

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print in the United States. But numerous used copies are available on Amazon.  Click here for the link to Amazon’s page.