Key Figures in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Eric Berne

Book Eric Berne Key Figures in Counseling and PsychotherapyThis “biography” of Dr. Eric Berne was written in 1992 by Ian Stewart.  The reason “biography” is in quotes is because this book focuses more on the history and theories of Transactional Analysis and less on Eric Berne as a person with interests outside of Clinical Psychiatry.

The book is written by Ian Stewart, a private practitioner in psychotherapy and accomplished Transactional Analyst. He co-authored the successful book TA Today in 1987.

This book is an excellent introduction to Berne and the development of Transactional Analysis. For those looking for family pictures and a detailed history of Berne’s life, this is not the appropriate book. Refer to the Jorgensen biography. Or better yet, buy and read both!

This book is available on on this page.