2014 World TA Conference in San Francisco

Transactional Analysis World Conference in San Francisco Eric BerneAs many of you are already aware, the 2014 World Transactional Analysis Conference is being held in San Francisco, California this year. The conference marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Games People Play.

The conference runs from August 6th to the 9th and registration is now open. To learn more you can visit the official website here. We hope to see everyone there!


New Resource: Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis

Photo of book Clarke's Dictionary of Transactional AnalysisWe just recently received the paperback version of Clarke’s Dictionary of Transactional Analysis.  This is a 550 page volume organized in dictionary format dedicated to Transactional Analysis and Dr. Eric Berne.  It is quite exhaustive in its scope and covers nearly every topic from the very beginning of TA in Eric Berne’s Carmel home to the state of Transactional Analysis today in our globalized world. The book includes many diagrams and photographs.  The book was published in CD format in 2010 and then made available in paperback form in 2012.

The resource is written by Dr. Susan Legender Clarke who is an Educational Member of the ITAA. The resource is available from her website at The Healing Circle or via Amazon.com.

The book is an excellent resource and belongs on every bookshelf for anyone interested in Transactional Analysis.