Marital Games

Almost any game can form the scaffolding for married life and family living, but some, such as “If It Weren’t For You,” flourish better or, like “Frigid Woman,” are tolerated longer, under the legal force of contractual intimacy.  Marital games, of course, can only be arbitrarily separated from sexual games, which are treated in a separate section.  Those games which characteristically evolve into their most full-blown forms in the marital relationship include “Corner,” “Courtroom,” “Frigid Woman” and “Frigid Man,” “Harried,” “If It Weren’t For You,” “Look How Hard I’ve Tried” and “Sweetheart.”

– Dr. Eric Berne MD on Marital Games in Games People Play.

List of Marital Games in Games People Play

  1. Corner
  2. Courtroom
  3. Frigid Woman
  4. Harried
  5. If It Weren’t For You
  6. Look How Hard I’ve Tried
  7. Sweetheart