Sex in Human Loving Postcard

Below shows a postcard promoting the 1966 Jake Gimbel Sex Psychology lectures at UCSF (University of California at San Francisco). Eric Berne was the lecturer for 1966.

Sex in Human Loving postcard for Eric Berne lectures

The Postcard. Despite the crease, it is in excellent condition

The background is orange. But you can see the Parent-Adult-Child diagram is displayed here.

The lectures would later form the basis for Berne’s 1966 book Sex in Human Loving. We are sure everyone reading this post would love to have been in attendance. If you were, contact us and let us know about your memories of the lectures or Eric himself. We would love to publish first hand accounts! Send emails to [email protected].

Hand Written Cover Concept for Games People Play

Below is the original hand written sketch for a possible cover of Game People Play:

Games People Play cover concept art by Eric Berne
The handwriting is without a doubt from by Eric Berne himself. The date on this is unknown, but is presumed to be around 1963, shortly before the publication of Game People Play.

Grove Press First Edition of Games People PlayThe cover of the first edition did not look quite like this. The first edition from Grove Press, as seen on the left, clearly states that the cover was designed by Roy Kuhlman who designed many other famous book covers for Grove Press in the 1960s.

We can assume that this cover concept was provided to Roy who then came up with a design that would be more appealing for a larger audience. According to Roy’s obituary, he was paid $50 for every cover he developed.

The first edition pictured to the left is a scan of the exact book Eric gave to his daughter Ellen. For a glimpse of this book in the 1960s, or at least how it was portrayed in the 1960s, check out this post which shows Games People Play being shown on the hit show Mad Men.

Eric Berne Archive Project Hits First Milestone

We are pleased to communicate on behalf of the Eric Berne Archive Project Team that the first fundraising milestone has been achieved! A total of $38,000 has been raised which will enable half of the entire archives at the University of California at San Francisco to be digitized. The Archives will be officially launched at the TA World Conference in August 2014 in San Francisco.

Below is a photo of stunning quality never before seen outside the Archive:

Photo and Picture of Eric Berne in 1969 with his pipe

From the Eric Berne Archive at UCSF. Clicking on the photo will show a high quality larger version.

The digitization project was made possible by hundreds of donors comprised of Eric Berne Family members (myself included), Transactional Analysis Practitioners across the world, individuals who knew Eric, and many others.

The official website is located at The latest update on the Project can be found at the blog maintained by the UCSF Archives.

This will be the last post of 2013. Thank you to all the loyal readers and fans of this site. Happy Holidays!