Sex in Human Loving

Sex in Human Loving Book by Eric Berne

This book was first published in 1970.  Its content is based upon the Jake Gimbel Sex Psychology Lectures over which Dr. Berne presided at the University of California in April and May of 1966.

One reviewer compared Sex in Human Loving to the book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.  While this comparison is somewhat accurate, Sex in Human Loving takes a more serious and academic approach to the subject of Sex.  Berne addresses many topics, including sex education, the biology of sex, human relationships and sex, and sexual games.  Berne discusses some sexual games that he described in Games People Play, but he also introduces some new sexual games and elaborates on other games from Games People Play, such as Rapo.

Want to see a postcard of the original Jack Gimbel sex lectures at UCSF? See it here.

This book is recommended for those readers interested in a more in-depth discussion of sexual games, as well as a discussion of sex within the context of Transactional Analysis.

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