Principles of Group Treatment

Eric Berne Principles of Group Treatment

Berne published this book in 1966, in the wake of the enormous success of Games People Play.  The liner notes best describe the book and Dr. Berne with: “The author presents the first systematic treatise on the use of transactional analysis in groups,”

In the first part of this book, Dr. Berne provides a broad overview of the important aspects of psychiatric practice with groups, then moves into the methods of group therapy, and then discusses aspects of group dynamics. Dr. Berne devotes the second portion to the application of Transactional Analysis to groups, including theoretical basics, techniques, and its relations to other forms of treatment.

This book is recommended for those interested in learning more about the application of Transactional Analysis to groups. It is recommended that the reader complete Games People Play or Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy prior to reading this book.

This text is no longer in print in the United States. It is available used from many booksellers. As always, it is available on Amazon here.