ITAA Eric Berne 100th Anniversary Conference Montreal August 2010

From August 11 through 15th 2010, the International Transactional Analysis Association held their annual conference in Montreal, Canada, to honor 100 years of Eric Berne.  Berne was born in Montreal on May 10, 1910.  The official title of the conference was the Eric Berne Centenary Conference.  The subtitle was:  Transactional Analysis in Action, Celebrating 100 years of Eric Berne’s influence in psychotherapy, counselling, organisations and education.  Keynote addresses included “TA Today” authors Ian Stewart and Vann Joines on the theme of “TA Tomorrow” as well as past ITAA President Dr. James Allen on “Making meaning in Community.”

The original pdf flyer for the conference can be found here:


What made this conference unique from other ITAA conferences was the attendance of key Berne Family members. They included:

  • Terry Berne (Eric’s youngest son)
  • Janice McGee and family (Janice was Eric’s stepdaughter)
  • Robin Way and family (Robin was Eric’s stepson)
  • Nicholas Berne Calcaterra (Eric’s only blood grandson)

Missing from the conference was Richard Berne (Eric’s son from second marriage), Peter Berne (Eric’s son from first marriage), the late Ellen Berne (Eric’s daughter from first marriage), and Anna Calcaterra (Eric’s only blood granddaughter).

In addition, the conference also served as the venue for the announcement and the release of the memoir A Montreal Childhood, a recently discovered manuscript that became Eric’s first new release of writing in nearly 40 years.

Select Photographs from the Montreal Conference


Eric Berne Centenary Conference Montreal 2010 Photo of Flyer

The Flyer in the Lobby of the hotel


Terry Berne and Nicholas Berne Calcaterra at Eric Berne Centenary Conference, Montreal 2010

Nicholas Berne Calcaterra (on left), Eric’s only blood grandson, and Terry Berne (on right), Eric’s youngest son at the Eric Berne Centenary Conference in Montreal, August 2010.

Poster for the release of A Montreal Childhood and the launch by Terry Berne

Poster for the release of A Montreal Childhood and the launch by Terry Berne