Eric Berne Gravesite

Dr. Eric Berne is buried at the El Carmelo Cemetery in Pacific Grove, California.

Photo of Eric Berne Gravesite in Pacific Grove, California

Photograph of Eric Berne’s gravesite in El Carmelo Cemetery

Pacific Grove is located on Highway 68, directly north of Carmel and west of Monterey, CA.  The El Carmelo Cemetery is at the intersection of Lighthouse and Asilomar Avenues, within view of the Pacific Ocean.  The phone number is (831) 648-3100

To get to the El Carmelo Cemetery:

  • Take Highway 68 as it branches off Highway 1, North of Carmel.

  • Go North on Highway 68 for about five miles until you get to 17 Mile Drive.

  • Go North (right turn) 1/4 of a mile to Lighthouse Ave.

  • Turn left on Lighthouse.

  • Watch for the cemetery on your right.

  • When you come to the end of Lighthouse, at Asilomar, park your car.

Once in the cemetery:

  • Walk South 50 feet from the corner of Asilomar and Lighthouse (away from Asilomar) until you come to the end of the cemetery and some apartment houses.
  • The last grave on that corner of the cemetery will be marked Ed Reynolds.
  • Turn around and from that grave walk back to Asilomar Avenue counting five rows (approx 23 paces) until you come to the Gibbs’ graves.
  • Berne’s grave is on that row, 5 graves away from Lighthouse Ave.

The plot is officially located at Section K, Block R, Lot 10, Site 1

David Kupfer’s ashes are buried just above Berne’s grave and Berne’s step-daughter, Roxana Elsinor Way, is buried next to him.