Collage by Jean Varda

Eric Berne especially admired the works of Jean Varda. Below is a piece acquired by Berne that is now owned by his family:

A collage by Jean Varda that resembles American Gothic

It is believed that Eric acquired this in the 1960s.

Corner showing Jean Varda's signature  on this work.The medium is a composite cloth collage on a painted board.  It is currently unframed. Dimensions are 54″ x 38″. Some might consider the style to be Cubist Figural.

As indicated, it is believe Berne bought this directly from Jean Varda while Berne was living in Carmel. After Berne’s death, the work remained in his family. Although this piece is not specifically for sale, the owners would love to see this work in the hands of a collector or museum who can truly appreciate this piece. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.