New Photo and Letter Released from Eric Berne Family Archive

Since the Eric Berne website was first started in 1999, we have been making previously unseen photographs and memorabilia available online.  We are in the process of digitizing many of Eric Berne’s personal photos and memorabilia. We have just released two new items:

Eric Berne at dinner, location and date unknown
The above is a photograph of Eric Berne at dinner with his second wife Dorothy and 4 guests.  The identities of the guests are unknown, as well as the date and location. If anyone has this information, please contact the webmaster. This picture comes directly from the Family Archives.  Clicking on it will yield a very high resolution copy of excellent quality.

Picture of Letter of Announcement of Eric Berne's office in Carmel in 1946. Letter is to his mother.

This is a letter from Eric Berne to his mother, Sara Gordon Bernstein. It is from July 1946 and is announcing the opening of his new practice in Carmel, CA.  Eric left the Army in 1946 and settled into Carmel. At this point his mother was living in New York City.  Note that he had shortened his mother’s name (at least on the address of the letter) to “Berne” from “Bernstein.”  This also comes directly from the Family Archives.  Clicking on it will yield a high resolution copy as well.

All of these photographs and other items can be found on the photo page here.

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