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The works of Dr. Eric Berne as well as Transactional Analysis are increasing in popularity outside the realm of English-speaking nations.  Many of Dr. Berne’s books have been translated into other languages.

If you are a foreign publisher interested in securing the rights to translate and/or publish any of Eric Berne’s works in other languages, you may contact us here.  This website is run by family members of Eric Berne who can handle your request.  You may send an email to: or you may fill out the form below.

If you are a student or practitioner of TA or run a website devoted to Eric Berne or Transactional Analysis and have information you think should be posted here or linked to, you can contact us. We do not sell ads and we will only link  to websites related to Eric Berne, Transactional Analysis, or other topics related to psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

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