Intuition and Ego States

Intuition and Ego States by Eric Berne

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This work was published posthumously in 1977.  This is a collection of Dr. Berne’s early papers in which he begins to outline the theories of transactional analysis.  The book begins with a paper from 1949, called “The Nature of Intuition” published in The Psychiatric Quarterly.   In this paper, Berne discusses intuition, which is the title of this book.  Several other papers are included, but the real gem is the paper “Transactional Analysis: A New and Effective Method of Group Therapy” published in The American Journal of Psychotherapy in 1958.  This is the seminal paper of Dr. Berne, and it is where he first introduces the term Transactional Analysis.

This book is recommended for readers wanting to learn more about the origins of Transactional Analysis. It is also recommended to readers wishing to read Dr. Berne’s classic paper.

The work is available on