Eric Berne Archives

Eric Berne Archives Web PageThe Eric Berne Archives project is an undertaking designed to digitize many of the professional works of Eric Berne.  Since his death in 1970, the ITAA has gone to great lengths to collect items related to Eric Berne and to make them available for students of both Dr. Berne and Transactional Analysis.  The archives are currently on file at the University of California at San Francisco. Because they exist in hard copy form, these resources are available only to those individuals who can personally travel to San Francisco to view them.  Unfortunately, with the great popularity of Transactional Analysis worldwide, it is simply not feasible for 99.9% of the TA population to travel to San Franscisco to view and study the archives.

History of the Eric Berne Archives Project

The project began shortly after the Eric Berne Centenary Conference in 2010 in Montreal, Canada.  Key members of the ITAA realized the wealth of information available but the lack of access for those unable to come to San Francisco.  The librarians at the University of California, San Francisco were consulted about the requirements, as UCSF served as an online repository for other noted artists and scientists.  An estimate for the costs associated with the project were also obtained.

Fundraising began first with the efforts of Carol Solomon Ph.D., Transactional Analyst based in San Francisco.  The efforts quickly spread internationally to include Terry Berne (Eric’s youngest son) in Spain, Ann Heathcote in the United Kingdom, Gloria Noriega in Mexico, and Marco Mazzetti in Italy.

How to Help

The initial goal is to raise $38,000 to allow for UCSF staff to begin digitizing and cataloging the works, developing a section on their website, and other tasks.  As of March 2013, $24,000 of the $38,000 has been reached.  Once $38,000 has been received, the project can commence.

Complete information on the project can be found at the Eric Berne Archives website located here.  Please consider making a donation.